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Cloth Diaper Scam Alert

We have been following a sad story of yet another momma scam artist. The post below is from, where apparently this momma scammer is also a admin, so in hopes of not letting this information getting deleted like it does in the Cloth Diaper Compendium,  a facebook group that only recommends the use of tide, Bleach and Cascade to wash diapers.  All of their recommendations can hurt your diapers and will void your warranty. Manufacturers are quickly becoming aware of the current situation. In case you were a victim of this woman's crimes,  there is some excellent information below.

Posted 20 hrs ago
I hope this is allowed, but I figured I'd share this information in the off chance that someone here may be a victim of this scam.

I'm sure a lot of people on here have heard of "The Cloth Diaper Compendium" on Facebook. The owner of the group, Kate Shabanov, claimed to have an apartment fire a few months back. The group consists of over 16 thousand members and a lot of them joined together and donated food and items. Thanks to the Cloth Diaper Scams Victim's Supports page it was proven that the fire never happened. They have audio recordings of her local police and fire stations stating that no such fire happened. The leasing agency of her condo also confirmed there was never a fire.

Since the scam reached multiple states (and even countries) it's not under local jurisdiction. You can file a report here if you were a victim of this scam.

Kate is also a Co-op owner and has been scamming people out of diapers there. She has been taking orders and then after weeks of not sending them out she says she can't afford to ship then and when people want a refund she charges them a restocking fee!

If anyone on the Cloth Diaper Compendium even mentions the fire Kate is deleting the comments and banning them. There are thousands of people on there who don't know what is going on and Kate just keeps saying it's a "facebook glitch" deleting things. Right. lol. There used to be multiple admins on the page and they all left after this came out.

I just thought it'd be nice to spread the word in case anyone was a victim!
Kristen- Proud mommy to two beautiful girls and one handsome little man. Mackenzie Kay (4/16/09) Mya Mae (7/12/11) Mason Richard (11/5/12)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ending the Year Right: 21 Day Habit Busting Challenge

They say it takes 21 days for a habit to form, and we all have habits we wish we could break. I have four main habits that I would like to see changed before the end of the year. After reading about different habit changing challenges I decided I will do something similar. Instead of breaking these habits all at once I am going to break it up for a period of one every 21 days.

The first period will be from today 10/6 until 10/27. During this first period I am going to break the habit of eating out and fast food. Since we just got half a cow stocked in our freezer we don't need to eat out. Instead we will make a home cooked meal and write out a meal plan to help us get passed the nights when we don't know what we want to eat then end up ordering out or going through fast food line. 

The next period will span from 10/28 until 11/17. During this time I will break the habit of buying things we don't need. Need is defined as I will die without it and no I don't mean that cute new coach bag I will die without it, but like food. Instead I will replace this habit with selling, donating or making something. This goes for many Christmas gifts as well. 

Next, from 11/18 til 12/9 I will work on breaking the habit of drinking soda. I have at least one a day and its something that I don't really need. Instead I will replace my sugary soda drink addiction with a healthy juice or water.

Last, from 12/10 until 12/31 I will cut tv and movies out, this includes internet videos that are posted on Facebook that distract me from my goals. Instead I will clean, read, listen to music, or spend time with the family. Hoping this habit breaks and our family becomes even closer and make some lasting memories.

You are welcome to join me in this 21 day habit busting challenge. Share your own 21 day habit busting goals in the comments or a link to your blog post outlining your ending the year right challenge.

I will come back at the end of each habit busting period to share with you my thoughts, struggles and it's overall outcome. I look forward to hearing with habits you would like to change before the year ends. 

What one habit would you like to change by the end of the year?  

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Healed by Hazel Review & Giveaway ~ Ends 9/26/13

Going along with our natural remedies theme, we started looking into Hazelwood jewelry because we had heard so many moms were using it to help with their babies acid reflux and eczema and they were personally using it to help with their heartburn and acne issues. These issues arise from having too much acid in their bodies and the Hazelwood takes the excess acid away by absorbing it into the bead itself. The result is a less acidic person and the acid ailments dissolve into thin air.

I haven't had issues with acid reflux or heartburn, but I have fought my own battles with having an oily completion causing me to have more breakouts than a normal, ahem, thirty year old. We started experimenting with the hazelwood and I noticed that I was no longer having bumps on my upper arms, and my oily completion had gotten tamer. I loved the way they looked, with either amber or beautiful accent beads.

We have shared these amazing necklaces with our local community and the response has been astounding. Everyone is experiencing some type of relief of their excess acid ailments. Here's what one customer said after purchasing a set for her and her daughter: "I got a necklace for both my daughter and I who both suffer from acid reflux. I have noticed a huge difference in both of us!!!!! My daughter was on meds three times a day and I was able to decrease her to once a day and she seems great. I have completely stopped taking my meds and haven't had a problem. I also noticed that the small clusters of pimples I got all over my arms during pregnancy were gone. So I am definitely a believer that they work. Being able to custom make them only makes it greater!!! My daughter and I have matching ones with amber included!"

We started a new product line called Healed by Hazel for our store. It is a custom line of Hazelwood necklaces that you can create to suit your very desire or purchase a pre-made necklace. Custom necklaces are completed the same day they are ordered and shipped the next business day. We even make bracelets that can be made to match your necklace. Since we are the manufactures of our own Hazelwood line, we are able to offer it at very reasonable prices with special attention to detail and quality.

We are so excited about our new line, we wanted you to try it out first hand! We are excited to announce our first giveaway of a complete custom set of a Necklace and Bracelet, a $39.90 value!

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How Baltic Amber Changed Our Life

I am a firm believer in natural remedies, but this wasn't always the case. I was first introduced to Baltic Amber in 2010 when I was still pregnant with my first. After hearing about it's natural pain relieving abilities I started m search to find a necklace for both myself and my soon to be little bundle of joy.

I found a site and decided to take the plunge only problem was I had to wait three weeks for them to arrive. Once they arrived I put mine on and loved it immediately. I loved the overlapping beads and often got compliments from friends, family and complete strangers. I never had much pain, although in my last trimester of pregnancy, but loved the way it looked. When my daughter was 2 months old and started to show signs of teething I put hers on. She wore it 24/7, and I felt comfortable with this because I was with her 24/7 as she slept in my arms at night. She never fussed with her necklace. She didn't actually start teething until after she was a year old. 

Around the time she was 9 months old when I received a necklace from a large distributor of Baltic Amber jewelry, for a review. She had been wearing it for months and when she cut her first tooth I didn't believe the amber was helping her one bit cause we were constantly having to drug her with pain medication just so she would sleep at night. After doing some more research on Baltic Amber I found that you can test the authenticity of it by heating it over your stove burner. 

When I tested the necklace she had been wearing it smelled like plastic resin, when it should have had a piney scent. I quickly searched for the necklace I got her when I was pregnant and tested it right away. It smelled just like pine. I was in complete disbelief that I was sold a fake from such a big company that everyone associated Baltic Amber with that I just had to test it again. I grabbed the necklace again and heated the entire length of the necklace and every single bead smelled of plastic burning. I was furious that my child had been in pain all while I thought this necklace she was wearing was real and helping her. 

After two days of our daughter wearing the real necklace, she no longer was having screaming fits and wasn't requiring medicine anymore. When her top two teeth came in, again we didn't need medicine, which was a miracle and that's when I was sold on the power of Baltic Amber! 

Like I said, I didn't always believe in natural remedies, like wearing a necklace for pain reduction, but now I do. When I started our cloth diaper store in 2011 this is one of the first items we carried because they work. The whole store is based on items we have personally used and loved. You can purchase Genuine Baltic Amber that has been heat tested to verify it's authenticity from us, for the same price as you would direct from Lithuania, but get it in a couple of days instead of a few weeks. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Top 6 Tips for Finding a Music Teacher

With the wealth of extracurricular opportunities available to children today, music lessons continue to rank at the top of the list along with sports and other arts such as dance. If you are on the hunt to find a teacher as school starts up again this fall, here are some of the key questions and ideas you will need to keep in mind as you choose the perfect private instructor for your little Beethoven or Mini Mozart.

1. Make Sure Your Child Has the Necessary Maturity
Although starting music lessons at younger and younger ages seems to be all the rage, your child must first acquire a basic grasp of some elementary concepts.
• Some fine motor skills
• The ability to count to 10
• A knowledge of the alphabet, specifically letters A through G
• The maturity to deal with the potential frustration of consistent practice
If you are not sure that your youngster is quite there yet, do not lose heart. Now is still the perfect time to begin informal exposure to music. Introduce the child to classical music and other genres. Help them learn to clap along with the beat and count the rhythm. And bring out small percussion instruments during play time such as a tambourine or maraca.

2. Identify the Instrument
If you feel that your little one is prepared to proceed, try to identify their instrument of interest. Piano is a popular initial choice as it provides a fundamental foundation to build on later. Guitar has recently grown in status as well because it is a famous instrument in modern music and can easily be sung with. Violin is also common but is actually one of the more difficult instruments from which to create a pleasant sound. Wind instruments are usually reserved for slightly older children in later elementary as these require a significant lung capacity to produce sound.

3. Ask Friends
After you and your kiddo have settled on the perfect instrument, a good initial way to start the search for a teacher is through asking around your group of friends. Chances are that your son or daughter’s playmates are also starting music lessons, and their parents may be able to recommend excellent instructors or music schools.

4. Visit Local Music Shops
Many music stores also offer private lessons with qualified instructors. They may also have an advertisement board with phone numbers, fliers and cards from private teachers in the area.

5. Try Nearby Colleges
While your little one probably isn't ready to enroll in his or her first college course quite yet, many community colleges or local universities are bursting with enthusiastic young music students who would welcome extra income on the side through teaching private lessons. Finding a young adult teacher can also inspire students who are only a few years behind.

6. Look Under Associations
There are also several associations which provide lists of creditable instructors in your area. Recently recommended by NPR, some to try include:
•Music Teachers National Association
•National Association for Music Education
•American String Teachers Association

With these helpful ways to start, your child will soon be on their way to developing new musical skills and reaping the benefits and fun of an arts education.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tips for Moms to Get Out and Exercise

As a mother, do you ever get the urge to exercise and yet never seem to find the time to do so?

For many mothers, it all boils down to finding enough time in a typically hectic day, something that is often times harder than thought. Without exercise, however, many moms find themselves tired, stressed out, and even in some cases ill.

So, how can you go about getting your exercise program in gear with all you have to do, especially for those moms who hold down two full-time jobs, being a mother and an employee?

First and foremost, get with your personal care physician and set up a program that is right for you.

Before you even consider exercising, find out your options for personalized healthcare, starting with how you can safely and efficiently exercise. This means knowing what is and is not safe for you, thereby lessening the chances that you will injure yourself or fall victim to illness from not exercising properly.

Males Tend to Exercise More

According to a study published earlier this year in Preventive Medicine, males prove to be more active than females by nearly two to one, leading to a half hour more of daily exercise. For those women (especially busy mothers) that are not exercising, their long-term health objectives can be put in jeopardy.

By having the right wellness program in place, you and your doctor can come up with a plan that allows you to exercise and eat right, increasing the odds that you will live healthier and happier, something that has multiple benefits for your children.

Starting with exercise, remember to:

1. Pace yourself - It is critical that you not try and overdo it right out of the gates. Make sure you and your doctor are on the same page as to what kind of exercises you plan on doing, how much of, and if there are any health risks associated with such activities;

2. Find a partner - Mothers who work out with a friend, family member, or even a significant other are likely to enjoy it more than those who do it alone. By having someone or even a few exercise partners along for the ride, you can make it seem like fun and not a job. Schedule a time or times during the week where you can meet up for a run, a bike ride, lifting some light weights, or even just going for a half hour walk. In doing so, you are more likely to enjoy the experience when you have someone with you;

3. Track your results - If you’re not tracking your objectives (be it weight loss, improved durability etc.), you could find yourself losing interest over time. Keep a little chart of things like weight loss, how long you were able to exercise, then shoot for certain goals each month. As you are hopefully hitting those goals, you are likely to want to continue exercising;

4. Reward yourself - Finally, give yourself a little reward from time to time on your achievements through exercising. While weight loss may be your main motive for exercising, it does not mean you can splurge a little on your favorite food or drink from time to time.

With all the time demands on you as a mother, finding time to take care of yourself can be challenging.

Having a wellness plan in place, many of which include exercising and dieting, you increase the odds of being around your kids healthy and happy for a long time to come.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

10 Clutter Taming Tips

We are all have or once experienced clutter. Clutter can take up precious energy and take away time you could spend with your family. America is the worst nation for this epidermic  most likely because we tend to consumer more than any other nation on this planet. Here are the 10 tips I follow to help keep clutter to a minimum. When practiced religiously, you will find you have less and less clutter to deal with and more time to focus on the important things in life.

Everything Needs a Home 
Whether its your coat, shoes or your latest purchase, every item needs a home. When something gets used or taken out, it needs to return to its home.

Little Hands are Helpful Hands
Little ones certainly know how to create the messes. Teach them at a young age to put things away before they get something new out to play with. This can be started as early as after their first birthday.
Focus on One Room at a Time
To get started in taming the clutter, start in one room, work the perimeter then focus on the center of the room. Tossing unnecessary items or placing items that belong else where in a basket to put away after you are done with that room. 

Circulate Toys
Every month I like to schedule a day to take the time to weed through the toys and box up any toys that haven't been played with recently. Then add some back in from the previous round. I then donate any toys that have lost their interest. I also make sure to store the toys in a non-see through container to make sure that no tantrums are thrown when the kiddos see a toy that can't have. Also planning this task during nap time or a time when they are out of the house is best.

The 2 Minute Rule
 If it takes you less than 2 minutes to complete the task, just do it. This leaves less aggravation for later and you feel accomplished after getting it completed. 

On-The-Go Decluttering
One of my favorite decluttering tips is to pick up any items from a room I am leaving that don't belong and put them away in the room I am headed to or passing by. The theory is to leave the room cleaner than when you entered. Do this for all day long and you will notice a significant difference. 

Trash the Junk
Junk mail gets its name from somewhere. It's Junk! So throw it out as soon as you get in the door, or better yet toss it in the outside can before coming in the house. 

Daily Trash Routine
Take out the trash once a day. You will be amazed at how much this helps cut down on clutter. No one wants to throw away at a half empty trash bag, so this gives you the perfect opportunity to empty other trash cans, clear out a cluttered corner or drawer or just clean the fridge. It takes two minutes and will save you from having stuff just lying around.

6 Month Rule
If you haven't used it, touched it or needed it in the last 6 months, toss it or donate it. If it is worth value, then selling it is also another option. Items that have shallow sentimental meaning should be tossed. If its something that can be scanned or photographed for memory sake do it and move on. 

Buy Less
Yep I said it, buy only what you absolutely need. If that means putting an item you want on a 30 day wait to buy it list, then do it. Many times you will find that you don't really need the item you wanted a month ago. The less stuff you have coming into the house the less you have to organize. For each item you buy, find one item to give away. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Clear Scalp & Hair Moisturizing Shampoo Honest Review

I recently got a bottle of the Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Moisturizing Dry Scalp Nourishing Shampoo because I had been having terrible problems with my scalp being dry, itchy and flaky. This problem has just started again after giving birth to our son in October, so it may be due to hormone changes. I purchased the product after much research, i.e. reading the back of the bottles. I should have researched it a little more and read some reviews on amazon about what others had experienced. When I got home that night, I headed straight for the shower, cause I wanted to test this new shampoo out. 

My first impressions of the product was that I liked the color scheme and shape of the bottle. The shampoo smelled great and had a nice scent to it, not overpowering, but present. I proceeded to put about a nickle sized amount in my hair and lather. It was nice until about five seconds into lathering and then all of the sudden my scalp started to tingle and then get a burning sensation! I was freaked! I had never felt anything like this in my life! I immediately threw my head under the shower to rinse it all clean, but it seemed like it kept burning even long after the suds were gone. I kept rinsing and the burning was still there. At the nape of my neck right below my right ear I could feel a really bad burning sensation. When I ran my fingers over it, I could feel that my skin was raised. I thought for sure I was allergic to whatever was in this shampoo. I looked at the back of the bottle and had to lift the back label to read the ingredients: 

Water (Aqua), Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Fragrance (Parfum), Dimethiconol, Sodium Chloride, Carbomer, Dimethicone, Sodium Lauroyl Isethionate, Zinc Pyrithione, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, DMDM Hydantoin, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Stearic Acid, Citric Acid, Tallow Acid or Palmitic Acid, Zinc Sulfate, Glycerin, TEA-Dodecylbenzenesulfonate, Sodium Isethionate, Poloxamer 407, Laureth-23, Laureth-4, Tocopheryl Acetate, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, PPG-9, PEG-9M, Panthenol, Lysine HCl, Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil, Xanthan Gum, Methylisothiazolinone, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Niacinamide, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Ascorbic Acid, Mica (CI 77019), Bismuth Oxychloride (CI 77163), Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Red 33 (CI 17200)

A lot of these I had never seen before in any product, let alone a shampoo. I thought if I am allergic to this then may skin should break out if I rub it on my arm. I put some on my left arm and rubbed until it lathered and nothing happened. No pain, coloration or anything. I got out of the shower and started looking for reviews on the net about this shampoo. Amazon had plenty of mixed reviews. Many said that they loved this shampoo, but others said they had a burning sensation too and that the ingredients were foreign to them as well. I then looked it up on EWG's Skin Deep site and they only gave it a 4 for being hazardous. 

Although I had such a bad reaction the first time I used it. I did notice my dry scalp condition went away and today when I bravely used it again, it didn't hurt a bit. My hair is very manageable and soft. Not saying that it's okay to use, but from my experience the burning sensation could have been caused by build up being on my scalp that was causing my skin irritation and when the shampoo went to clear it up, it caused the open pours on my scalp to hurt and feel like it was burning. The spot at the nape of my neck that was raised, went away within an hour or so, and was't  bothered by today's shampooing. 

My rating is a 3 out of 5. Because it works well to remedy the problem I got it for, but I discounted it down one because of the first experience I had with the shampoo and I am a little weary of how safe it might be to use. I will continue to use this shampoo with trepidation and maybe only when I notice my scalp needs an overhaul. 

How to Explain Home Safety to Teens Staying Home Alone

As one’s children become older, parents begin to trust them to stay home alone. Of course, a teenager needs to prove that he is responsible before this happens and should be instructed in a variety of home safety topics. Parents should feel confident that a teenager will know how to respond correctly to natural disasters, emergencies and sicknesses and will be able to keep the home and himself protected.

How to Teach a Teenager about Home Safety

The topic of safety within the home should be brought up long before an adult plans to leave a teenager home alone. In fact, this is something that even young children canbegin to learn. Children should be taught about how to respond to strangers, what to do if there is an emergency in the home and why it is important to follow their parents’ rules. More information can be found on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website at

In addition, “most schools teach children about basic home safety from a young age.” says
Jennifer Anderson a maker of Safe Sound Family Surveillance Systems. This is when children memorize their parents’ contact information and how to contact law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency medical workers and the poison control center. They also learn basic first aid.

However, as the child becomes a teenager, he should be given increasing amounts of responsibility within the home. The teenager should be expected to answer the phone or the door and to arm or disarm the security system. Once a teenager has demonstrated these things and the parents are comfortable, the teenager can begin staying at home alone. Of course, the first few times a teenager is left alone, the time should be brief. The time can gradually be lengthened as both the child and the parents become more comfortable with the situation.

What to Make Sure the Teenager Knows

1. Important contact numbers
Of course, virtually every teenager will have memorized his parents’ cell phone numbers by this point. However, these days, some teenagers will not know a variety of important contact number by heart because they are all listed on his cell phone. He should be aware that if he loses his cell phone, he should still be able to know some important numbers. In addition, he should know where to find emergency numbers, doctor’s office numbers and more. Some important numbers could be written on a paper that is kept in an easily accessible drawer or on the refrigerator.

2. Emergency preparedness
Teenagers should have access to information about what to do in a variety of emergency situations such as severe weather, poisoning, choking, serious medical conditions and more. Some of this can be found online. However, some parents may wish to have this information accessible in print form. It is also wise to have a teenager take a class to learn how to perform basic CPR and the Heimlich maneuver. This is especially important if the teenager is babysitting younger siblings.

3. Home security systems
Security systems can give parents a sense of safety for their homes and children even when they are away. These systems can be partially armed while the teenager is at home alone. The system will alert the resident as well as the security company when security has been breached. Teenagers should know the system’s password as well as any information that they would need to give the security company should they call.

4. Safety with friends
Parents may choose to have rules regarding whether the teenager can have anyone else over to visit while the parents are away. The parents may prefer that no one else be in the house or may only wish to allow a few select people to be in the house. Teenagers should know who they are allowed to invite over and should know that they are always responsible to abide by these rules.

Younger teenagers need to be given limited responsibility that can grow as they become older. Parents should be assured that a teenager knows all the important information discussed here before he is left alone and should be able to trust the teenager as well. Allowing teenagers to stay at home alone will help to prepare them for adulthood.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Google's April Fool's Joke 4-1-13

Google caught me off guard tonight. We logged into our Google Analytics to find that the International Space Station - Control Room had 41 visitors on our site!

Good one Google ;)

Have a great April Fool's Day!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bubbz Diapers are on Sale!

Bubbz 3.0 diapers feature a microfleece stay dry lining with double gussets, colored waist snaps and two thirsty snap in sizable inserts.
Bubbz diapers, pail liners and wetbags are all on clearance! Bubbz 3.0's are only $8 ea and are still Buy 5 Get 1 FREE until 3/31 using coupon code BUBBZBFGO. Pail liners are $6.75 and wetbags are $7.50. Sale will only last as long as the inventory does!

KDB is making room for their ever expanding product lines. They just started carrying Bumkins, Tiny Tush, Boba and will be getting in Swaddlebee's, Blueberry, Bottombumpers, plus much much more!

Where to Buy:
Kebbie's Diaper Bag

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