Thursday, May 19, 2016

New in Stock | Too many brands to list in a single title!

Where to even begin? There are so many new things to talk about it is hard to decide where to start. Eenie meenie miney mo... Thirsties it is!

Ok, so by now we all know that Thirsties has their new Naturals line of all-in-one diapers, which is made with natural fibers making for a super trim fit and awesome absorbency. I got one myself as soon they were released and even after only one wash, so not fully prepped, their absorbency was beyond many of my other diapers. These diapers have been flying off the shelf and have already been reordered and restocked to include loads of the hook and loop closure. And of course, available in all of your favorite Thirsties prints for as long as supplies last! Aspen Grove (pictured above) was sold out with the first couple of days last time, so seriously, they won't last long!

Let's talk about Bummis next. Bummis was never a brand heavily on my radar, but their all-in-one organic cotton diaper with the dimpled interior quickly changed that. This is another surprisingly trim diaper with impressive absorbency. To get an idea of how absorbent it was I decided to try it straight out of the package without any prepping and no leaks! The dimples in the diaper help pool and absorb moisture in small pockets. It also offers the option to have either the organic cotton or a stay dry layer against baby's skin so it is perfect no matter what stage of diapering your little one is in. These are diapers that are not new to the store, but they have been restocked with new colors and the vinyl record print (shown above)! What IS new to the store are the Bummis Dual Pocket Wet Bags. These things look so awesome! They have a large wet bag in a solid color, perfect for longer outings, and a smaller pouch in the designated print snapped onto the front for things like wipes, diaper cream, or whatever you need to have quick and easy access to. The dimensions are listed in the product description on the store site ( These come in several prints, but unfortunately Bummis didn't have all of the images available yet, so please be patient with us as we get our own images for the products. The difference in the prints that have a color mentioned is the zipper. So for example, on the site you will see Fairy Tale | Aqua as an option, that means the print of the small bag is the Fairy Tale print with a aqua zipper. Shown below the Astronaut print.

Now, onto one of the products I am MOST excited about. The new LILLEbaby carriers! LILLEbaby has been coming out with many new carriers such as the Color Me (how cool is this?!), the SoHo and 5th Ave prints, and now the new LUXE Embossed Collection available in BrillianceNoir, and Pewter and the Amore print available in an All Seasons! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about adding an embossed to my personal LILLEbaby collection. I currently have a Champagne Airflow and an All Seasons and I adore them both, but one can't have too many carriers, especially when they come looking the Brilliance Embossed (pictured above).

Smart Bottoms! I am pretty sure this is one of the brands I see talked about most in our fluffy group so most of you will be thrilled to know they have been restocked! Fantastic hipster fox, Lemon Ice, Heinrich, Charlotte, Spicy Tuna (sushi anyone?), and many other prints and colors are available. I have loved my Smart Bottoms and plan to add more to my stash because they are absorbent, slim, and are soft on my son's legs where some brands just rub too much causing irritation. I recently found out I am expecting my second child (so excited!) and I decided to tell my husband by buying a Born Smart Smart Bottoms in the Enchanted print. He was so surprised and I now have my first newborn diaper for my newest sweet little one. Pictured above is the Lemon Ice one size AIO. It even looks refreshing!

Can you have a crush on a brand? Because I think I'm forming one. Taylor's Pure and Natural has so many great products between their BALM! Baby line and their Taylor's naturals that it is easy to find something for the entire family. I have already tried the spray hand sanitizer, I use it all the time including spraying shopping cart handles and door knobs in public places, it smells great and like all of their products I can trust is safe for my family. I also have the Taylor's Pits stick deodorant and keep 'em up spray and so far LOVE them together! I even had my husband smell my pits (weird?) at the end of the day to see how they smelled and he said "mm you smell great!". It's all natural and smells great even at the end of the day? Sounds like a win to me! I also just moved and some clothes, although clean, smelled like they had been packed for awhile so I even used the spray to freshen up a sweatshirt that had been boxed up and with a spritz or two and you never would have guessed. I also have their natural sunscreen, bug spray, and the Be Well Stay Well baby tincture, but I haven't been able to fully test them yet, but I am sure I will be able to report back soon and chances are it'll be more gushing on my part (full blown brand crush happening). Anyway, for those of you that have not tried any or many of their products I strongly encourage you do and while you're at it pamper yourself with their Kona Mocha Mask (pictured above). I have not tried this personally, but I plan to order some with my next order and Ferne tried it in front of all of us on Periscope and even through the screen her skin looked amazing after she rinsed it off so that was enough for me to want to try it. In addition to the face mask we've also stocked more of the tooth powderoil pulling herbal oral rinseBye Bye Teething Hello Sleep teething tincture, and natural deodorants in both the regular pits solid stick and the super sensitive solid sticks. With all of the new items and the items being restocked there is plenty to choose from and lots to try! Shown below is the Tooth Powder.

Buttons has come out with several new prints and colors recently. AdventureButtonsRosebudCoral, and now PICNIC! All of these seem perfect for the warmer months full of gardens, road trips, sunshine, and picnics so you really can't go wrong with one (or any!) of these adorable covers. I use Buttons covers and one of the things I really like about them is that they have some stretch to them, not enough to make getting a good fit difficult, but enough that baby will be comfortable and fit for a long time. The Buttons covers are also really soft compared to some similar styles and that always adds to the comfort of a diaper. Buttons and Best Bottoms are very similar in style which is great because the inserts can be used with either of the covers. I love the Buttons hemp inserts. They are so absorbent and the whole snap in system is so easy! Being able to unsnap one insert and quickly wipe out the cover and snap a clean insert in couldn't get much simpler. And what to do with the dirty insert? Buttons has you covered with their matching Picnic Pail Liner. I could even see using this pail liner as a bag for beach towels or something because it has a drawstring closure and is so cute why not show it off? 

Best Bottoms, like Buttons have a snap in system which allows for quick changes and not needing to change the cover with every change. Best Bottoms is another brand that many not be a new brand to the store, but it is a tried and true brand that has recently been restocked with prints and colors you're sure to love. One of my personal favorite prints the the one shown here, To The Point. And don't forget you can use either the Best Bottom inserts or inserts from Buttons!

Sweet Pea is a brand you are more than likely familiar with. They have bamboo AIOs, bamboo fitteds, one size covers, pail liners, bibs, wet bags, bamboo inserts, and flushable liners. The AIOs and the flushable liners have both been recently restocked, but there are options in the other products too so don't forget to check them out. The flushable liners are great to have on hand for any time you may need to use a cream or ointment that is hard to get out of cloth diapers or maybe if you're either new to cloth diapering or just don't like to have to spray your "dirty" diapers because with the flushable liners you can just pull it off and dump it in the toilet mess and all! 

With all of these great products, new and restocked favorites, I hope you have a chance to take a look around and maybe try something new and if you do, don't forget to review the products you've tried on our site   

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