Thursday, April 12, 2012

Attention Bloggers: Sign Up for The Ultimate Fluffy Stash Giveaway! Over $600 Prize Package!

Kebbie's Diaper Bag is Sponsoring a $600 Cloth Diapering Prize Package that will get any mom new to cloth diapering started off on the right foot. The prize package will have 30 Bubbz Diapers, an Ultimate Wet/Dry Bag and a Jumbo Pail Liner or Hanging Pail. 

You can participate as a blogger by becoming part of the limited number of bloggers participating in this giveaway event that will help not only your Facebook, but Twitter followers as well. 

Blog owner and editor, Ashlyn, of Daily Mothering is hosting the event. In order to be qualified to participate, you just need to have 500 Facebook followers. This is to ensure that the event gets as much exposure as possible. Sign up here. There will be a Twitter and Facebook link follow in the Rafflecopter form, and the admin fee is $4, which you could gain well over 700 followers on Facebook alone, as Daily Mothering had a success rate of over 700 followers on the last event she held like this in March.

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