Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Willow Store ~ All For Love Valentine's Event Sponsor Spotlight

All For Love Valentine's Event Sponsor Spotlight

Saving money is an imperative in our household, that's why we cloth diaper, use coupons and do many other frugal techniques to keep our costs down. One thing I have always used to help reduce our electric bill are dryer balls. Up until recently I had been using a set of plastic dryer balls. I liked them because they would help cut the dryer time, but they were soooo loud. It was hard to get a load of anything dry while the baby was asleep because the dryer would be so loud. 

I was recently lucky enough to receive a set of 3 dryer balls from The Willow Store. They came in recycled packaging, even the packing corn was biodegradable, it will melt when water touches it. These dryer balls are handmade in the USA from 100% wool. These are the perfect solution to softening your clothes without any chemicals. Since they have no chemicals, they are completely safe to use with your cloth diapers. These dryer balls are 9" in circumference, about the size of a tennis ball.

You can cut your drying time in half. When I would dry with the other plastic dryer balls, besides the noise, it still took me 45 minutes to get a cloth diaper load dry. With these amazingly quite wool dryer balls, I am now able to dry the same sized load in 25 minutes on the lowest heat setting. I also noticed that my cloths came out much less wrinkled and the diapers were much softer than ever before. I was simply amazed by the performance of these balls. I didn't expect to cut my drying time anymore than I already had.  

Where to Buy

I highly recommend you getting a set for yourself. You can purchase them at The Willow Store. I recommend getting a set of three. They come in 14 fantastic colors, which is safe for any color laundry, since the dye used is fiber reactive, which will not bleed onto your clothing. Getting a set of these dryer balls will eliminate the need for dryer sheets ever again.  

The Giveaway

The Willow Store is one of our All For Love Valentine's Day Giveaway Sponsors! What will they be giving away? A set of 3 Wool Dryer Balls, Winner's Choice of Colors! Be sure to come back February 1st, when the event begins! Follow The Willow Store on Twitter and get their Newsletter now, so you will be ready for the extra entries. Earn an extra 5 entries for leaving a comment here telling me what colors you would like if you won! Must be done before the giveaway goes live on February 1st! 

Thanks to The Willow Store for being our Sponsor!


  1. I'd choose lemon, Jade and Plum. Thanks for the extra entries!

    1. Your entries will automatically added to the Rafflecopter form :)Thanks for pre-entering


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