Saturday, November 12, 2011

2 Reasons to Never Cloth Diaper, Are You Freakin' Serious?!

I don't normally post about other people's blogs in a negative light, but this article really struck a nerve. I love to cloth diaper and there are more than 2 reason why I choose to cloth diaper and more than 2 reasons why I have never used a disposable on my 16 month old. But this article lists the two reasons why she chooses not to cloth diaper and she seriously comes off sounding completely ignorant and it just ticked me off at how entitled she sounds. It speaks volumes on our society being completely lazy, self centered and expecting all things to be at our finger tips.

Feel free to read her article, I would love to hear your reaction to this article. I do understand that this is her opinion, not one that I personally will EVER agree with though. The 2 Reasons I Would Never Switch to Cloth Diapers posted by Meredith Carroll 11/11/11.


  1. so narrow minded but oh well she is entitled to her lazy opinion. im one that didnt start to cloth because of the environment i did it because of the cost savings and it is more than worth it for the minimal effort it entails. I wish i had been so informed of how easy it was before my son was 2.

  2. Im just saying. It can be work. But the estrogen mimicking chemicals in sposies are why I continue to insist on cloth. the end.

  3. Estrogen mimicking chemicals. Disrupting the reproductive system among other things we havent found out yet are why I will continue tp choose cloth regardless of the issues. The end.


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