Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tips and Tricks to Using @Rafflecopter Part III: Picking a Winner

Picking a winner using Rafflecopter is one of the easiest things in the world. But for those of you that haven't attempted to do this yet, here is a short break down of how to do it. If you missed Part I or Part II, check them out so you are caught up. And if you don't know what Rafflecopter is, here is a good introductory post.
Rafflecopter went through a little makeover on Wednesday. Not all make overs a good thing, some make you come out looking like a clown, but this one made them come out looking like a radiant new bloggy mommy! These changes will be covered in a future article. But here is the gist of how to pick a winner using Rafflecopter. You will see just how easy it is to use.

First you will want to sign into your Rafflecopter account, which will bring you to your giveaways page. Here you will select the giveaway that ended recently by clicking the Pick Winner button. You will then select the Pick Random Entry button, which is powered by Random.org.
It will then display some very pertinent information for you to use. 
The first piece of info is the entry number, the name and email of the winner, which at this point you can choose to use the email the winner button which will open your outlook and allow you to email them directly. Next it displays what action they did to earn the entry, and extra info if there was any, it then displays the time and date they made the entry and finally the IP address they used to enter the giveaway. 
Then Rafflecopter takes it a step further to make it easy to announce the winner by just a simple click of a button, the Announce The Winner button to be exact. And if you make a mistake you can unannounce the winner or in the case of having multiple winners, you can select unannounce and reselect an new winner by clicking the Pick a Different Winner link below the Announce the Winner button (this has been changed in the makeover, which now allows for multiple winners to be chosen and announced). Taking screen shots of the widget after you have announced the winner is helpful to use when you are making a separate posting announcing winners of the current giveaways on your blog.
Since Rafflecopter uses Random.org, you can rest assured that this is a legit selection process and is just a much easier one than using Random.org because it is all built into your giveaway Rafflecopter form. 

Not only will your giveaways be easy to choose winners for, but your giveaways will remain in your history and can always be retrieved to see what tasks you placed on the giveaway, who won, how many entrants you had or to duplicate the giveaway to use again in the future.

Have you used Rafflecopter to pick a winner for your blog giveaway? If so, what was your favorite feature?

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